The Leaders


Glenn De Baeremaeker City Councillor, Toronto

Glenn De Baeremaeker
City Councillor, Toronto

Steve Parish Mayor, Ajax

Steve Parish
Mayor, Ajax

Rob Burton Mayor, Oakville

Rob Burton
Mayor, Oakville

A Message from the Chairs:

We urge you as elected officials to stand up for Ontario's green spaces, watersheds, farmland, and natural heritage systems by becoming a Municipal Leader for the Greenbelt. The Greenbelt and the Places to Grow are effective policy tools for curbing urban sprawl, but leapfrog development beyond its boundaries threatens to undermine the policies. With 93 per cent of people polled supportive of the Greenbelt and 74 per cent in favour of expansion, the 2015 policy review is our opportunity to build a stronger and more vibrant Greenbelt. Please write to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing or attend a public consultation meeting to show your support for a stronger more vibrant Greenbelt.

In 2014, we urged the Province to take the following steps to make the Greenbelt bigger, better, and bolder by: 

  • Expanding the Greenbelt by an additional one million acres;
  • Creating Ontario's first foodbelt, consisting of 200,000 acres for farming;
  • and, Reducing red tape for municipalities that want to grow the Greenbelt.

Join us and let your constituents know that you care about protecting Ontario's Greenbelt as a source of fresh water, nature, local food, and farming. Make the pledge.

Learn more about the history of the Municipal Leaders for the Greenbelt.