Five Benefits of Ontario's Greenbelt

Stopping Sprawl

The Greenbelt Plan is a cornerstone of a provincial policy framework that supports building healthy communities. It sets boundaries for development to stop sprawl which contributes to our quality of life and protects natural heritage. There is a misconception that the Greenbelt Plan affects land prices. On the contrary, land values are not affected by the Greenbelt.  Studies show there are many factors contributing to the high cost of housing, see the RBC and Pembina Institute Report, Priced Out: Understanding the factors affecting home prices in the GTA.

Protecting Farmland, and Supporting our Local Food System

Farms in the Greenbelt generate $35 billion in revenue for the agri-food industry, providing local food for farmers’ markets, restaurants and grocery stores. Between 1996 and 2001, 16 per cent of farmland in Ontario was lost to development. The Ontario Federation of Agriculture estimates Ontario is still losing 100 acres of farmland each day. The Greenbelt ensures Ontarians have access to fresh, local food sources.  

Connecting our Natural Heritage Systems

The Greenbelt provides $2.6 billlion annually in  ecosystem services, such as air filtration and clean water through forests, headwaters and river systems, while providing habitat for animals.

Protecting Fresh Water

The Greenbelt is the source of water for rivers, wetlands, and lakes, while providing a source of drinking water for hundreds of thousands of people. By protecting the Greenbelt we improve water quality.  

Providing Green Space

The Greenbelt is a place for recreation. From hiking, to cycling, and canoeing, there is something for everyone in the Greenbelt. The Greenbelt is home to nature and close to home.  

What you can do

If you're running for municipal office this October, take the pledge to show your support for the Greenbelt.

You don't have to run for office to support the Greenbelt. See if any of your local candidates have committed to support Ontario's Greenbelt by visiting our Leaders page. You can also contact your local candidates and encourage them to take the pledge to support Ontario's Greenbelt.