Pledge Your Support  For Ontario's Greenbelt

Municipal Leaders for the Greenbelt, pledge to: 

  • Support the Greenbelt as a permanent feature of Ontario's landscape and commit to maintaining the boundaries of the Greenbelt (no land swaps);
  • Encourage protection and connectivity between Natural Heritage Systems in every community that links to the Greenbelt;
  • Support the permanent protection of agricultural lands within the Greenbelt;
  • Ensure that planning decisions influencing the Greenbelt adhere to the Greenbelt Plan. 

With 93 per cent of Ontarians supportive of the Greenbelt it's clear voters care about protecting the Greenbelt and want to elect candidates who value the Greenbelt.  The pledge helps voters easily identify candidates who care about what matters to Ontarians protecting nature, farmland and clean water. 

Fill in this form to pledge your support for the Greenbelt. 

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