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Press Release from Municipal Leaders for the Greenbelt Co-Chairs - Bill 181 Municipal Elections Modernization Act: June 8, 2016.

M U N I C I P A L   L E A D E R S   for the G R E E N B E L T

Municipal Leaders for the Greenbelt Co-Chairs applaud the Ontario government’s action to end corporate and union donations to municipal election campaigns. 

Toronto, ON June 8, 2016 – for immediate release

Yesterday the Ontario government voted to pass Bill 181, the Municipal Elections Modernization Act.

The Municipal Leaders for the Greenbelt applaud the work of legislators from all parties in passing this important act.

The act makes necessary reforms to help ensure fairness and transparency in municipal elections across the Province, while simultaneously providing municipalities the ability to consult the public on the new rules.

“The changes made to the municipal elections acts modernize our election process and make it easier for all citizens to participate fully,” said Ajax Mayor Steve Parish. “I applaud the great work done by legislators from all provincial parties.”

Among other changes, the new law regulates third party spending during elections, ends corporate and union donations to candidates and gives municipalities the opportunity to implement a ranked ballot.

“Bill 181 gives municipalities the tools we need to make local elections more fair and transparent” said Toronto Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker. “Credit goes to the leadership of outgoing Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Honourable Ted McMeekin, working with colleagues from across the aisle including NDP critic Percy Hatfield and PC critic Ernie Hardeman. They have all done fantastic work in helping shape this watershed bill.

Bill 181 also makes several changes aimed at improving accessibility for both voters and potential candidates.

“Minister McMeekin and his colleagues in the legislature went to great lengths to receive feedback from community advocates and municipal leaders,” said Oakville Mayor Rob Burton. “The result is a fair, level-headed bill with support from across the political spectrum.”

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