The Municipal Leaders for the Greenbelt are elected officials. Since 2004 we have served as a respected municipal voice, calling for a strong protected Greenbelt. Our membership includes mayors and councillors from across the Greenbelt.  

Our  Pledge

We support the Greenbelt as a permanent feature of Ontario’s landscape and commit to maintaining the boundaries of the Greenbelt; encourage protection and connectivity between Natural Heritage Systems in every community that links to the Greenbelt; support the permanent protection of agricultural lands within the Greenbelt; ensure that planning decisions influencing the Greenbelt adhere to the Greenbelt Plan. 

Why Pledge to Protect the Greenbelt?


The Greenbelt Plan is an award-winning provincial land use plan that contributes to the health and livability of our cities and towns. A recent poll by Environics found that 93 per cent of Ontarians support the Greenbelt and it’s no wonder. The Greenbelt is a source of local food while protecting environmentally-sensitive areas from sprawl. But that's not all; the Greenbelt also improves resiliency, prevents pollution and provides our residents with a better quality of life, today and tomorrow.

The Greenbelt Plan works in conjunction with the Niagara Escarpment Plan and the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan to provide protection of natural heritage systems, water resources, and farmland across the 1.8 million acre Greenbelt.

The Municipal Leaders for the Greenbelt was founded in 2004 by City Councillors Glenn De Baeremaeker (Toronto), Erin Shapero (Markham) and Allan Elgar (Oakville). Learn more about the history of the Municipal Leaders for the Greenbelt.

What you can do

If you're an elected official, take the pledge to show your support for the Greenbelt. As a Municipal Leader you will be invited to share best practices and network with other municipal leaders who share your commitment to the Greenbelt.

You don't have to run for office to support the Greenbelt. You can also contact your local candidates and encourage them to take the pledge to support Ontario's Greenbelt and low carbon communities.